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Something to
  Think About!

Attitude, Getting the right ones from others!

Do you have the right attitude? Frustrated?

It can be very hard to keep the right attitude. I often am so frustrated by what goes on around me. Maybe something is just not right. It is easy to take on a negative attitude based on what is going on around you. It is the famous trap that involves criticism, anger, frustration, negative feelings and just pain disrespect.

You try to keep a good attitude and people just have so much power in what the out come is. WRONG! Don't let others get you on the misguided track.

Here is your challenge. When something bad is going down, or emotions are on the rise. Simply close your eyes, and ask God; "To forgive you of your sin. To forgive the people involved of their sin. Tell God this person or situation is getting out of control. Please take control of this conversation and show this person and myself what needs to change. Help them understand my feelings, without me saying anything. That God's will be done."

After saying that silent prayer, step back and just listen and watch what happens. It really works!

When I remember to do this, they almost always apologize and the solution that comes up is better than either one of us would of dreamed of. Why does it work? Because God knows what they are thinking, he knows everyone's heart and he wants us to have good attitudes. So let him fight your battles for you. Remember to PRAISE him for the great results!

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